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Simple Ways Of Improving Your Home Internet Connection

Are you tired of Netflix disruptions or buffering when streaming your favorite songs? Maybe you’ve resorted to working from home, and your unstable internet connection is giving you headaches. There’s a pattern behind these results. There are numerous solutions you can try to implement to help you improve your internet connection. However, not all of them may work appropriately for your case. Well, here are some seven tips to try out in order to improve the internet connection in your home.

Know Your Data Caps

Did you know that data caps are earnest hindrances to your internet speed?  A data cap, which may limit your internet bandwidth, is a temporal limit enforced during the transmission of data done from your ISP. Remember, most ISPs never publicize their data caps despite the fact that it can greatly hinder your internet connection. They allow you to use a specific amount of data monthly. In the case that you exceed this limit, then your internet connectivity automatically slows down.

You can always find out your data cap in the billing receipts. If not, ask your internet provider to inform you and plan for a higher limit if the situation persists.

Change Your Router Location

Remove any barricade on the way to your router. Place the router in an open place. Obstructions such as walls, bookshelves, or cupboards can interfere with signal strength.

So, consider placing the router in an appropriate space. If the sole purpose of the connection is for work, why not install it in your study/workroom? And if it’s for your entertainment purpose, then definitely the living room is suitable. All in all, be creative in your cabling. Make it worthwhile! Always keep away devices with electromagnetic waves such as the microwave and baby monitors away from routers.

Optimize Your Router SettingsWi-Fi router

You may try out various settings on your router to improve your internet connection. You’ll realize that some routers have entertainment settings. Appropriately allocating the bandwidth for your entertainment devices which enables you to stream your favorite content and play video games seamlessly. However, note that this setting can limit internet speed on other devices. To Ensure all devices are allocated equal bandwidth, remove the entertainment settings.

Switch To An Ethernet Cable

Wireless connectivity is the norm in terms of connecting to the internet today. Ditching the use of Ethernet cables is quite common as almost everyone embraces Wi-Fi connectivity. However, despite Ethernet cables being inconvenient, they’re faster, stable, and much more secure. They can never be affected by the connectivity of other wireless devices. Therefore, sometimes consider using wires and have an easy time with your browsing. For your game console or streaming box, you’ll enjoy the fastest internet speed if you switch to using an Ethernet cable.

Clear Your Browser Tabs

You may be the kind of person that opens up multiple tabs to read the news, view your email account, or enjoy your favorite blog. You may not know that all those open tabs might contribute to a slow internet connection experience. Try checking to see if you have an open tab that is maybe streaming a video in the background as this can cause a heavy toll on your browsing experience and bandwidth. It’s a good habit to close tabs that you are done using to free up memory as well.

Buy A Wi-Fi Extender

Improve your home internet connection by buying a Wi-Fi extender or repeater for the best results. Though this might cost you money, it is a worthwhile investment especially if your house has multiple rooms and floors. After purchasing the device, you will need to set it up as below;

  • Get the extender,
  • Insert it in the Socket,
  • Connect it to the intended wireless internet to extend it.

The good news is that this automatically eliminates the Wi-Fi dead zones in your house. But, make sure to connect your devices to the primary router if possible as this will usually allocate more bandwidth for better results.

Block Ads

With ceaseless ads on the internet, your home internet connection will automatically have some disruption. Ads are responsible for taking up precious processor and bandwidth which ruins the overall internet experience

Get an ad-blocking plugin to do away with those auto-play videos consuming much of your data. You’ll find out there’s a considerable increase in your internet speed as you go about your browsing after an ad-block installation.

Anytime you feel your home internet connection is inadequate, the tips above are vital. They’re sufficient in ensuring you have stable connectivity. But, in case the problem persists, talk to your internet provider to sought out persistent problems.. At times getting a new service provider when the problem isn’t getting solved could work the magic. So with these tips, you never have to worry about slow internet speed at your home again. There’s always a way out!