Where to contribute stock images

Where to contribute stock images

While our passion feeds our souls but not us. I think we have to make use of that passion and turn it into an income. Did you know that you can sell your images online? Well, as they say, art is art.

Even if the pay is so-so for starters, this might also evolve your career and also your equipment. If you’re new to this hobby, you can start with your phone but make sure it is in high res. Below are some of the sites where you can sell your photographs.

What are stock images?

Stock images are proficient-grade photos that are accessible for free or purchased and sold for a scope of purposes. The photographer holds responsibility for pictures and directs the boundaries for how each picture can be utilized. A portion of these conditions may incorporate the setting for which it is utilized or the means by which it is given.

How much can you get from it?

At 100 pictures every month it would take you five years to get to Rotenberg’s 6000 pictures mark (which he proceeds to state is a base). In the event that you increment the worth of your pictures by adding models with model deliveries as well as truly push your specialty, you could most likely do it in just shy of three years. I know picture takers who’ve figured out how to get $200-$300 automated income in only two years.

In any case, it’s anything but a get-rich-fast scheme. Many photographers will require somewhere around three years to get to that level and in case you’re a hard worker, you’ll need the full five.

Obviously, there are a few photographic artists who luck out in that their specialty turns out to be in wide interest or they’re voyaging constantly and can take astonishing pictures of spots that haven’t yet been smothered on the market. However, expect a long stretch before you can get up to a significant pay.

Sites to sell photos

Adobe Stock

Known before as Fotolia is a huge software company located in San Jose, California. Adobe asserts that as a contributor on its site, you will offer to the world’s biggest innovative community. To begin as a seller, read the data on the contributor page and press the  Join Now button when prepared.


Shutterstock is situated in New York City. As per its about page, it has more than 300 million pictures from more than a million pf contributors. To be considered to sell photographs on Shutterstock, study the data on the contributor page and press the Join Now button when prepared.

The contributor mobile application has made it easier for the contributors to send in their photos. With it, you can submit pictures and track deals by year, month, day, and photographs.


A British company located in Seattle, Washington. Based on its chairman and founder, Mark Getty, they are hosting more than 400 million files from its content creators who is more than 320,000. Read the instructions on their page on how to be a contributor. Make sure to download their contributor app.


Alamy, situated in Oxfordshire in the Unified Realm, cases to have 250 million stock pictures and the world’s most diverse stock photograph to date. To turn into a contributor, study the substance on the Become an Alamy contributor section and press on the Become a contributor button to begin.


A company that is located in the United Kingdom claims to be the world’s biggest community in stock photos. Dreamstime says that they have 700,000 contributors as of March 2021. With over 158 million photos and 34 million members. Read and study how to contribute to Dreamstime and click Sign Up then you can start making money.


Established in 2009, Depositphotos, situated in Florida and with worldwide workplaces, claims to be the world’s quickest developing microstock office. Its site says that it has more than 174 million records, customers in 192 nations and that it offers help in 20 dialects. To turn into a supporter of Depositphotos, learn how to Become a Depositphotos Contributor section and press on the [Become a Contributor] button once prepared.


Requirements may vary with each stock agency you send it to. Make sure to follow the instructions and also create unique photos. You may also invest in your camera if you’re not satisfied with your camera photos. Keep your passion alive and it will also help you along the way. Add in a little effort when taking pictures, be creative to gain more sales, and be known in this industry.