6 Perfect Gift Ideas to Buy For Yourself

6 Best Pre-Wedding Gift Ideas For You and Your Fiancée

Our wedding day is surely one of the most important and beautiful days of our lives. Yes, they are expensive and take a lot of planning, but is there any other day that makes a woman feel so special? One could say it is impossible to make it even more special, but I would argue that you can. How? With a special gift for your loved one right before your wedding day!

Honestly, there is so much going on when the wedding day is near that it is easy to forget something so simple like this. And there is no denying that the day will be memorable for the rest of your lives, but this extra touch will make for the sweetest story to tell in the future.

Note that we will be suggesting simple gift ideas, so it is nothing super crazy to make you sweat even more!

Personalized bracelet with your handwriting

How simple and sweet is this? You will love it! And you will not have to do anything. You can order one of these easily on Etsy. Just choose a beautiful bracelet and send them a handwritten script. They will take care of the rest.

Who knows? One of you might even wear it to the wedding day.

Hardcover photo book

An album also works wonders, but there are so many choices nowadays that you can find something a little bit chicer, such as a photo book.

You can pick the most beautiful photos you have of your relationship, send them to a photo company of your choosing and they will print it out like a book. You can even print a sweet message referring to the wedding day and you will have a special memory to share with everyone. Special tip: it works wonders as a decorative object, too!

A “I Can’t wait to marry you” card

Saw this item on Amazon and it is totally adorable. I wish I had seen this before I got married honestly. My wife and I did not see each other on the day before, she went stayed the night with my in-laws. If I had found this at the time, I would have sent this by mail and I am pretty sure she would have love something like this.

You do not even need the card. A beautiful letter has the same effect. Sadly, I did not think of this, but you still have time!

Lovely post-its

This is very similar to the last idea, but it feels more original and the added touch really brings it home. My wife did this for me. I was super nervous when the wedding was closing in, don’t know why, but I was. The wifey, as special as she is, left post-its around the house and in my stuff with sweet messages before leaving to spend the night in my in-laws.

Some of them are even still glued around the house and leave a smile on my face whenever I pass by them. On top of that, they are awesome for conversations starters whenever someone comes to our home!

An anniversary journal

6 Perfect Gift Ideas to Buy For YourselfAnother sentimental gift perfect to create memories and make hearts melt. You can buy a customized journal to feature your wedding day and leave your first entry right there and then!

The goal is to record an entry for every wedding anniversary. Sure, it will be mostly blank pages at first, but as the years go by, you will have a beautiful journal full of stories and memories. It is a perfect tradition to start on your special day.

A leather wallet for the groom

So far, all the gifts have been thought out for the couple, but I would like to throw a recommendation for the groom as well, since I was once a groom, too!

Men usually carry around mementos such as photos in their wallets. However, now everything is customizable and that applies to wallets as well. A beautiful leather wallet with a sweet message engraved inside is the perfect gift for your future husband. Trust me.

Final thoughts

Wedding days are and forever will be emotional moments and, hopefully, with these ideas, you will be able to make it even more memorable. All of these gifts are highly customizable, so you have tons of options to implement your ideas. In the end, you know each other best and it is up to you to make your wedding day the best day ever. Time truly flies on our wedding day, so don’t forget to take your time and enjoy it!