What is Cloud Solution Architect

What Is A Cloud Solution Architect?

Cloud computing is becoming popular among businesses as they find it highly beneficial in running their operations. Cloud makes it possible for a business to access their complex data from anywhere, at any time.

The expansion of cloud technology within business operations has increased the demand for cloud computing professionals. As a result, becoming cloud solution architecture is one of the career choices that will make you an integral part of the cloud community.

What Is A Cloud Solution Architect?

Architecture is the science of designing things, and designing a cloud environment is fascinating because there is no physical structure. The basics of designing a cloud environment are similar to designing any physical structure. Just like an architect knows to add a bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom, a cloud architect must understand the workings of the virtual machine and the importance of storage and network.

Requirements To Become A Cloud Architect

Cloud architects need a fine balance between technical knowledge and art to build a cloud environment. Having experience with nuances of cloud technology is essential for becoming a good cloud architect as they are better equipped to deliver suitable solutions.

The requirements of becoming a cloud architect are

  • A solid understanding of the fundamentals of cloud computing. An individual needs to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages because the knowledge is valuable in creating the best design with minimum errors.
  • Cloud architects must have a solid knowledge of the options and limitations of cloud services because they are crucial for developing and coordinating the cloud architecture of a company. Being aware of all the options makes it possible to lay requirements, business needs, challenges, compliance restrictions, etc., and complete the organizational puzzle without any missing pieces.
  • Cloud architects need to be excellent at communication. In addition to that, they must be good listeners, so they can understand cloud computing and apply it to offer the best solutions. They also need to be good at communicating their solutions and convincing them it is cost-effective, secure, and stable. Without in-depth knowledge, it is not possible to advocate for your design.

Cloud solution architectResponsibilities Of A Cloud Architect

Three high-level responsibilities of a cloud architect are

  • Developing a cloud strategy that coordinates the adaptation process
  • Developing and coordinating architecture of the cloud
  • Leading cultural change for the adoption of cloud
  • Apart from these high-level responsibilities, cloud architects also have day-to-day responsibilities, and they are
  • Working with IT security for monitoring privacy and developing incident-response procedures
  • Finding talent equipped with necessary skills
  • Assessing, software, hardware, and applications
  • Selecting cloud providers
  • Vetting third-party services
  • Estimating costs and managing budget
  • Operating at scale
  • Mitigating risks
  • Overseeing governance
  • Establishing best cloud practices across the organization
  • Creating a cloud broker team

How To Become A Cloud Architect?

Several jobs can get you the right skills and certifications required for becoming a cloud solution architect. But it is essential to choose the right path because it is the pinnacle of working in and with the cloud, so it requires a lot of skill and knowledge.
The challenging part of becoming a cloud architect is that there is no set path and the best way to achieve your goal is through projects and experience.

Here are some possible paths that can take you to a career as a cloud architect

  • Starting in IT support, moving to the role of the system engineer and can lead to becoming a Database administrator which will take you to the path of becoming a cloud architect.
  • Consider starting as a Developer. It will help you learn about DevOps, allowing you to build system deployment processes. It can also lead to an opportunity to work as a principal developer which can lead to a role of cloud architect.
  • You can focus on the data side and understand the entrance of data in a system and become a Principal System Administrator. The role can lead to becoming a Cloud Architect.
  • Once you become a Cloud Architect you can improve your skills and knowledge by getting cloud certifications from reliable resources such as GCP, Azure, or AWS. You can also work on building communication and problem-solving skills. It will give an extra advantage over other candidates.


There is no cloud computing without skilled and experienced cloud solution architects. They are responsible for converting the technical requirements of a project into architecture and design that guides the final product.

Cloud Architect has become a key role, and its demand is increasing with time. Moreover, its is a perfect career choice for people looking to get familiar with exciting and innovative technologies bound to emerge in the cloud industry.