5 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Code

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Code

Have you ever considered learning a new language that would open up a world of possibilities for high earnings and creative expression? Learning JavaScript or Payton probably wasn’t the first thing you thought about when you read that question but programming languages are the language of the future, the language that lets us communicate with machines. Sounds too good to be true? Let me tell you about the biggest reasons why you should learn to code and turn it into your favorite hobby and a dream job.

1. Endless job opportunities and high salaries

Once you learn to code, you’ll have the most important skill for software development and similar jobs, but that’s not all. You can work remotely and enjoy all the benefits of working from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Even if you opt for a different field of work, coding is still going to look great on your resume, and you might even need to use those skills in other lines of work.

2. Coding literacy

As I mentioned from the start, computer code is similar to regular languages like English or any other. Just like natural languages, the programming language has its syntactic and grammar rules. One of the reasons why you should learn to code is that you’re basically going to learn a second language, so it provides a lot of advantages just like learning any language would. Learning a language helps you gain a new perspective, and being fluent in coding languages such as JavaScript gives you a great vocabulary. Many would agree that coding is the new literacy that can certainly come in useful in the digital era.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Code3. Coding improves problem-solving, logic, and math skills

The ability to break down very complex problems into much simpler ones can certainly come in useful, and it’s a crucial part of logical thinking and problem-solving. While coding, you are going to test solutions to see which ones work and which ones don’t. You are going to get used to the fact that you sometimes have to try to find another solution, but that that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. Reasons why you should learn to code include learning computational thinking. You’ll break down the very complicated task into simpler, individual steps such as conditionals and loops, that computers could understand. This is why I mentioned that you’re communicating with machines when you learn to code. Computers understand the logic and you’ll develop better logic skills once you understand how they can understand you.

4. Learning to code is fun, and anyone can do it

Isn’t it amazing when you can see something that you’ve made? Programming projects end in exciting results, such as your own video game design that came out of your imagination. Learning to code is actually fun once you get the hang of it and start seeing the results of your work. I’m not much of a coder, but my heart started beating faster when I created a program that makes my laptop say “I love you” when I click on an icon. You can do all sorts of silly things like that when you know how to code, and why? Because it’s fun to teach a computer to do something! The best part is that anyone can learn to code. If you’re looking for the most reassuring reasons why you should learn to code – this is the one that you’ve been looking for: you can do it, really. You can even learn to code for free online, just check out the best online coding courses for beginners.

5. You can turn your ideas into products

Last but not least, one of the reasons why you should learn to code is that you’ll be able to turn your ideas into products. Maybe building the next Snapchat or Minecraft sounds like something you’d like to do, and, with proper education, you can! Just think about apps for a while, and you’ll surely come up with an idea for something you’d like to use on your smartphone. The good news is that there are probably a lot more people who’d like to use it just as much and the even better news is that you can build it if you learn to code! Hiring someone to build something you’ve imagined just doesn’t feel as good as doing it on your own and making it exactly the way you’ve imagined it to turn out. Creating something from scratch always feels fulfilling, and if you want to let your imagination run wild, learn to code and create something new for all of us to use.